Different types of marketing

In Uncategorized on March 1, 2010 at 11:39 pm

Marketing is going through a whole new evolution thanks to the internet.  More business owners are learning how to navigate through cyberspace and promote themselves, their services and/or products.  Most don’t really know where to start or that they should even have a plan. With this blog I am hoping I can help you with the idea of marketing – and maybe, how you can improve your marketing and improve your business.

One of the first things is to find out what types of marketing are available and what might benefit your business.  Traditional marketing is the use of printed material to promote yourself. With the advent of the internet marketing phase, many people are dropping this successful form of promotion.  I have a client who has learned this lesson a couple times: you have to continue to do traditional marketing along with your internet marketing.

Yes, more people are looking online to find a service or product or to research it before buying. But, if people don’t see you (get a piece of promo in their hands) they won’t necessarily know you exist.  This could be an ad in a newspaper, business directory or even a postcard.

In today’s market, the businesses that are not only surviving but expanding, use a balance of both forms of this marketing.